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PT. GOLDEN ARCHY SAKTI is Sole Exclusive Distributor of CAMOZZI Pneumatic for Indonesia market. We are a professional company in pneumatic business and provide the best solution for you to make better engineering process, especially in pneumatic for Industrial Automation. Explore our company, services and products...


Sales Engineer based Surabaya and Semarang

Are you sales? Sure you can communicate and sell? Level up your career in our company!


Series MD modular FRL units

Camozzi has enlarged its range of modular FRL units

The Series MD offers multi-sector solutions that ensure saving in terms of installation time, space and costs.


Fitting Connection

Fitting Camozzi is one of the BEST QUALITY FITTING in the world ! Made from nickel plated brass. Long life time and Satisfied Guarantee....

  C_Fluid. Your fluid solutions.

The Fluid Control division of Camozzi designs, develops and assembles solutions which integrate mechanical, pneumatic and electronic components to control fluids, liquid and gas.


Valve Islands Series F

The new Series F is particularly suitable to fulfil market requirements in terms of light and compact valve islands which can be easily configured.


Polyamide 10.12 (PA10.12), Polyethylene (PE) Hose

More choice materials of our tubings. New materials of Polyamide (PA10.12) for automotive standard, suitable for brake application, outdoor use also very good lifetime for industrial automation. Pressure up to 34 bar. Also other new material Polyethylene (PE) for general use, industrial automation, and more specific for water managements.

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